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Following the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown measures, a compelling Number of UK businesses have temporarily closed down or drastically curtailed their operations, causing a significant loss of income as well as alternative damages.


We represent trades that are claiming under their Business Interruption (BI) insurance policies for losses deriving from the Covid-19 pandemic. Copious businesses across the UK are finding that their insurers are failing to confirm cover for losses under their BI policy or have been declined cover completely (some are even stalling or failing to respond to enquiries).


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In a Schedule

We are looking for the section titled: Business Interruption or Loss of Income. Each policy varies however, these are the most common found within a policy schedule. Note that some are more detailed than others for example, a BI covers information thoroughly whereas other policies may provide less descriptive material. If a policy has been renewed mid-way through the year after the national lockdown, we will need a copy of the old policy as insurers are now retracting information from policies and are claiming businesses are not insured.

As the virus persists and the new and varied restrictions are introduced in response, businesses continue to face impairing losses